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I hired Doctored Events in 2019 to help plan my sisters’ baby shower. They offered a service where I was able to do work on some projects for the event with professional guidance and recommendations in addition to them providing an itemized budget plan, timeline/deadlines, and rental recommendations. Whether you are looking for a planner to plan your event 100% or you just looking for some guidance with your event planning, this company offers it all!

Tate + Edosa Benin Traditional Ceremony3
Allicia & TJ

I highly recommend Doctored Events for all event planning and coordination. From game night and family dinners to family reunions and weddings, Doctored Events has you covered. I utilized their services back in March 2018 for both of my weddings (Nigerian and American) as well as in November of 2018 for my twin’s baby shower. As you could imagine, I was very stressed out around these periods of time. During my weddings, I was working full time as a registered nurse in the hospital, helping my child in kindergarten become acclimated to school and preparing to start my master’s program. During my baby shower, I was pregnant with twins, buying a house and going to school full time in a master’s program. I honestly can say without Abbys services, my events may have been canceled. In my chaotic life, I had the piece of mind of knowing that every detail that I could and could not think of was accounted for. Abby works with any budget and can make all your event dreams and fantasies come true! My events were mapped out minute by minute. Everything was documented, explained in detail and truly a stress-free experience. I am a type A person and Abby’s attention to detail and workmanships helped ease all my fears during some of the most memorable days of my life. If you want to kick back your feet and enjoy your day stress free event, please utilize Doctored Events and spread the word once you have experienced hassle-free planning!

Precious & Nana

Where do I start with Doctored Events? When my daughter turned one, I had a specific look in mind but had no idea how to execute it. I looked for several months for a company that could understand my vision, once I came across Doctored events, my search was over! What sold me was the excellence. They were very patient, detailed, professional, knowledgeable, and oh, did I say detailed. I was sold from our first conversation. Not only did they execute my vision, but they also surpassed and even suggested ideas that I did not think about. I am forever grateful DoctoredEvents. I was very impressed with their customer service. Looking forward to working together for my next event. 


DoctoredEvents really doctored up my event by taking it from a 2D event to a 3D interactive event by taking my already awesome ideas bringing it to life! Abby and her team were easy to work with. Abby paid close attention to detail and was extremely organized. She kept me on task. Thank you DoctoredEvents for bringing my twin girls 1st, Alice & Audrey in ONEderland party life! 

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